Slow Cooking

It is universally agreed that the best way to foster flavors and retain food value, the way to cook is slow. There are 3 main reasons why you should make time for slow cooking. Firstly, you boost your flavors and do your food justice by saving its nutrients by allowing it to cook in their own juices and infuse flavors beautifully. Secondly, you save time with slow cooking; you can explore slow cooking recipes and try techniques like stewing by putting all ingredients in a pot, set the time and walk away. You can create mouthwatering dishes whilst at work, running errands or spending time with family. This leads to the third benefit of making flawless food packed with flavor. It is difficult to go wrong with slow cooking; the low cooking temperatures make it tough to burn, overcook or scorch your meal. In fact longer cooking times bring out the savory flavors from the various ingredients.

Super LPG Appliances brings to you an innovative fusion of the traditional angeethi and a modern kitchen stove. It intelligently avoids the hazards associated with the coal based angeethi while retaining the benefits that come along with it. Its unique design has the power to enhance the food value by absorbing excess fat and grease. It can also be used for barbecuing at home without the conventional smoke hazards. The lava burner saves energy by retaining and radiating heat for consistent cooking. It is an effective and organic way to cook as it reduces blood pressure and controls diabetes. The cherry on the cake is the lifetime durability of these amazing lava burners guaranteeing performance and good health for you and your family. Get Sunshine in your life.