Benefits of Slow Cooking

    The food cooked on Meethi Angeethi not only comes with great taste but also with a long and healthy life. The following are the benefits of Meethi Angeethi and the food cooked on it -

  • Organic cooking reduces blood pressure and diabetes.
  • Retains and radiates heat for faster cooking.
  • Lava rocks, a good conductor of heat, are an innovative source of effective cooking.
  • Use of Lava Rocks LPG stove for cooking solves most challenges of cooking nutritious, fat free tasty food.
  • Lava rocks are used to retain and reflect heat in the LPG stove or barbecue and absorbs excessive fats and oil, thus enhancing the cooking process.
  • Lava rocks have a unique characterstic to provide even and consistent temerature that is suitable for cooking.
  • Lifetime durability.
  • Even and consistent cooking.
  • Better barbecued food without conventional smoke hazards.
  • Absorbs excess fat and grease.